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• 3D modeling, MEL setuping,
  shading and texturing for Maya and Renderman as well;
• capture the Motion Data (Ascension Motion Star)
  and processing in Kaydara FilmBox;
• character Animation and Motion Capture Data editing;
• technical support of various hardware for
  PC and Macintosh as well;
• hard knowledge of the 3D / 2D graphical processors
  (Alias|Wavefront Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop,
  PageMaker, QuarkXPress) and compositing software
  (Apple [Nothing Real] Shake, Adobe After Effects);
• hard knowledge of Windows 98,NT,2000,XP, MS Office,
  Mac Office, MacOS 7.6/8.0/8.6/9.0;
• strong experience with DHTML and FLASH software
  (Macromedia Dreamweaver; Macromedia Flash,
  Microsoft FrontPage, Netscape Composer );


• Russian native
• English fine

• Strong experience in 3D design, Advertisment creation,
• Excellent presentation, negotiations and
  interpersonal skills, hard worker;
• Drive License class B;