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  2004 – till now • animation Production company “nelvana”
Company profile: animation films production department of Corus entertainment, Full cycle production company.
Responsible for: Technical director. render process support, Maya particle effects,texturing,scripting.
  2003 – 2004• Digital Post Production company “tekofilms”
Company profile: film production, non-linear digital editing and computer-generated special effects.
Responsible for: 3D Artist. 3D modeling and animation,Maya particle effects,Mtor shading and Rendering, mental ray shading and rendering, compositing.

2003 • Animation Studio “NeoMega”
Company profile: Animated movies, multimedia production .
Responsible for: 3D Artist. 3D characters modeling and animation,Mtor Rendering.


2000 – 2003 • Animation Studio “Klassika”
Company profile: Animated movies and clips production,
video special effects, digital film editing.

Responsible for: 3D Artist. 3D characters modeling and animation,
Motion Capture, Mtor Rendering.


1999 – 2000 • A3–Graphics / IFRA in Russia
Company profile: Adobe products distributor, publishing
environment supplier, production of IFRA’s
“newspaper techniques” magazine russian edition.

Responsible for: Leading specialist, production, Web-design,
layout of “newspaper techniques”, translation.


1999 • Pushkin Moscow Prepress Center
Company profile:
Press design, prepressing, film printing.
Responsible for:
design correcting,PostScript creating,
Technical support.


1997 – 1998 • Auramedia Publishing House
Company profile: CD-ROM catalog and booklets design and
production, Web Design, Video Editing, 3D Animation.

Responsible for: 3D Design and animation, Web-design,
Booklets design.

1996 – 1997 • Aid Design Company
Company profile: Stage and Architectural Design , Outside Design.
Responsible for: Technical support, 3D objects modeling and design.